Unconventional Facial Plastic Surgery

The Answer to Generic, Obvious Results

Have you ever wondered why wealthy, sometimes sophisticated patients, and commonly celebrities end up with very generic and obvious plastic surgery results? I think it is a question that deserves some thought, as I do not think the answer is very obvious and may be multi-factorial.

First, let’s talk about the common generic, obvious results we see every day on people on the street, friends, figures in the media, or just individuals at a local country club. We can all spot the shiny, longish immobile forehead, with a downward sloping central brow associated with the over-user of Botox! The excessively open and rounded eyes of patients who had poorly performed blepharoplasty are also quite visible to most even with hidden incisions. The overinflated lip or cheek enlargement look of misplaced or overdone fillers are easy to spot, and usually look quite unnatural. And of course, the distorted lips and pulled lower cheeks, as well as hairloss from the older generic facelift techniques are the hallmarks of bad plastic surgery.

Better Technology, Better Results

So, in an era of rapidly improving technology, and highly trained physicians, why are results like this still happening all of the time? I believe there are several reasons. First, many providers are too generalized in multiple specialties and not focused on the most demanding and sophisticated techniques that permit easy avoidance of these problems. It is difficult to identify these doctors, because many have extensive and effective marketing operations, titles, or social contacts that would lead an individual to believe that the most advanced techniques are utilized, while in actuality, only rudimentary procedures are performed. This may partially explain why even unsuspecting celebrities can have poor results.

Further, even the highest of trained individuals, who have very specific and focused training can have a generic and not individualized sense of aesthetics. For example, I have found that avoiding Botox in the horizontal lines of the forehead completely removes the risk of the shiny frozen forehead, and that concentration of the agent around the constrictor muscles embedded in the length of the eyebrow results in a far better aesthetic result of brow lifting. In rhinoplasty, the conventional techniques of grafting to deal with almost all problems is greatly overdone, and can create a thick-nosed appearance in many cases that could have been addressed with a more refined cartilage repositioning. The pulled look in a facelift is easy to avoid by using refinements of the deep plane technique and focusing the upward lift along the neck and jawline.

Unconventional for Better Result

Finally, I suspect that there is some taste to desire the altered view, that it is difficult for me to completely understand. In speaking to a few people I can detect that there is in some circles (although very little in my part of the state) a desire to actually have the strange marks and distortions of generic facial surgery.

Many aspects of unconventional facial plastic surgery are addressed on the website or can be discussed in the office at consultation.

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