Goals of rhinoplasty

The functional goal of rhinoplasty or nasal surgery is to convert someone who is required to breathe through the mouth to one who can breathe exclusively through the nose by correcting a substantial structural deformity via release and repositioning.  Adding cartilage or bone here or there does not achieve this goal.

The aesthetic goal of rhinoplasty is to make a noticeable distraction on the face (Severely deviated, overly long or protruding nose for example) into a structure that blends harmoniously with the eyes, cheeks and jaw, and thus no longer into a distraction.  Aiming for little separate changes here or there with different maneuvers is dated and a setup for failure.

2 responses to “Goals of rhinoplasty

  1. Hi Dr Stupak,
    I am an ENT surgeon in Melbourne, Australia. I bought your book about 12 months ago and think it is an absolute game changer.
    I am 100% with you on mouth breathing being the basis of obstructive sleep apnea and almost every other ENT condition except sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
    I have adopted most elements of your functional rhinoplasty technique but I ‘m still unsure about how to separate and reattach the upper lateral cartilages from the dorsal septum.
    Do you have any more instructional videos or material I can purchase that can provide more instruction on this part?

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